Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bila Aku Sudah Tiada-Hujan

Enjoy this MV..i love dis song..=)

Best ever vacation..=)

Holiday is a best part ever..hehehe Alhamdulillah within my chemo sessions i still can go for holiday..yeaaahhh

Korea was my destination. It was unplanned actually. It happened while i was in kl. Before I'd news 'bout my relapsed.So wut to do tix already bought,ayarkz x kan nak cancel kan?so just proceed hehehe ramai yang risau..hahahah but Alhamdulillah it was turn back yeaahhhh Alhamdulillah...ok went there for almost a week with lovely kak yana and ahjumas,k.lily,k.reen,k.watie and yaya. It was amazing vacation ever. I heart Korea so much. I eager to go there again cuz I couldn't make it to Jeju island. Wut a waste.

Seoul is such a amazing place. Nice view and the weather gosshhh sejuk amat,the lowest temperature was -2 celcius degree,imagine how cold it was..freezing...before tt, once we touched down at Incheon Airport it was 0 degree celcius..n it was snowingg...yeaaahhhh...n imagine i just wear sweater for God sake and i c my breath turn into wap..hahahaha wat a wonderful xp..Thank u Allah..=))

Goshhh the weather is so fresh and felt healthier eventhgh the population there is almost 20mill. Namsan tower,iteawon,in shang road(i love dis place cuz it sells such nice goodies), few places tt i forgot how to spell hahaha my bad are such a memorable memory tt I've ever had. Thank U Allah cuz giving me this opportunity. Goods in korea are quite expensive compared to Malaysia, but i guess for them it quite cheaper... kan syok if i can shop there without comparing the currency,heaven..hahhaha ohh Won is their currency, 1000 won = 3.66 rm. Nothing to buy there except for souvenirs for family and close frenz. Due to limited funds.yeaaahhhh wut to do..
oh there it was hard for us to find halal foods, we only bought halal foods at iteawon, as usual Kebab which is common food if u in a country which most of the ppl are not muslim...but it wasn't matter cuz we cooked our meal every day..hahahah last day indeed i cooked nasi lemak for ahjumas..hahaah went to wet market and bought the ingredients was very pleasant for me...seronok sangat..

hahahah aaahhhh lupa the best p
art was Nami island cuz finally i met with Park Yongha(RIP)..y in earth person loves to commit suicide if they can't handle their probs. We're as Muslim shud Thankful to Allah cuz He gave us dis Syumul religion..Alhamdulillah...i think if Allah don't give me dis spirit,I'll end up just like him,Astagfirullah...jauhkan ak dari jadik seperti itu..aminn..wut else i wanna share? errmmmm i think tts all from now..lapaq lah plak..nak eat something..yeaahhhh..those some pics taken by kak to was lovely n i love it so much..=))

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



its been a looooooooooong times since my last post. aisshhh being busy for recovering myself, i don't hav enuf time updating my blog anymore. Last post I'd mentioned 'bout my chemo. Alhamdulillah it went tru successfully. n Alhamdulillah my rezeki sangat bagus, after tt..syukur. Ak dapat join bukak company sendiri wif my lovely sis n aso my Boss. I can't imagine me,umur muda belia mcam nie akn bukak a consultant firm while my other frenz struggle tuk carik kerja + makan gaji..bukan riak hahahah but feel truly bless Alhamdulillah.... a year gone tru like a wind...nothing happens n me sgt sihat, after my 6th cycles, i went back to kl to cont my works..but it last only for six months...on 11/1/2011, again my cancer relapsed,cantik kan tt date,but not too cantik as me recd the news =(.. my CA 125 been increasing from normal range which is 57 from 35. my first tot was..y its happening again..i can't tell my feeling tt time. Just termenung and try to think +ve. Doc required to do immediate chemo,cuz my case the cells suka naik again bermulalah my episode as cancer patient with chemo bottles...

But after 2nd cycles, the result was not like as we expected. The drugs were not respond with the cells, my CA 125 still increasing. Docs decided to change drugs which cost me over rm10k per cycle..Me lucky cuz my parents afford to pay the drugs n ak rasa sgt bersyukur tapi ak sedih mengenangkan patient cancer yg tak mampu tuk cover their expenses, n aso Alhamdulillah insurance can cover it, n i can pay my parents back.=)After being in such pain and chemo effects for 2 cycles, again the drugs also not respond with cells, on top of tt, the cells already spread outside my body, which i need to face a surgery/op again to remove the tumor,i'll story 'bout it later. Now still waiting for results either to cont with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Depending on my cells docs will decide later on...again waiting will make me suffer even more,but while waiting now we're trying alternative medication as recommended by family n frenz. There still ad harapan for me. Apa2 balik kepada Allah pencipta kita..He 's the one who going to cure us..Dia maha Penyembuh, w'lau macam mana canggih pun teknologi manusia, kita tak boleh melawan kehendak Allah..atas segala menda yg telah kita usahakan Tawakal lah kepada Allah..insya Allah..semua kuasa penyembuh adalah di tnganNya. Al-Quran adalah syifa'...insya Allah akan ku usahakan...hidup mesti diteruskan...nikmatilah bumi Allah sementara masih ada waktu..insya Allah...semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan..God bless n c u tuk next post.

p/s: Effect from my u can see..semua turn black..kulit jadik x cantik n kering amat..wut to do...hadap jer..

Myself Inspired Me..=)

Me n Lovely Damya Aishah

Who inspired u?

I told Myself..=)


Cuz i can face my cancer with +ve think'..

Where did it come from?

The strength is from Allah , Family and frenz..=) i<3 u all..
Mix it well and the outcome is just a great..
Put inside u and u'll know u're truly bless..Alhamdulillah..

God Bless till next post..=) Insya Allah..